New Release America’s Favorite Couple

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Casey Kelly is the single mother of a wonderful nine-year-old boy – Nicholas. She’s a successful executive in a PR firm, she has a great relationship with her family – only one thing is missing from her life: love.

For nearly a decade, Casey has pined over “the one that got away.” She decides to take a chance and join a reality TV show where fifteen men and fifteen women – some of them single parents – gather together in a mansion to look for love.

To Casey’s surprise, “the one that got away” turns up as another participant on the show. To raise the stakes, the show’s producers bring back another old flame – and the potential father of her child. Then there’s the fact that Casey finds herself very attracted to one of the single dads.

Will Casey find love on a reality TV show? Will the producers let her relationships play out naturally – or will their manipulation cost Casey her one chance at true love? And will she and a handsome suitor be voted America’s Favorite Couple?

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A humorous romp through the unreality of reality TV – but who expected to find an actual love story?
Bright Little Light Press


America's Favorite Couple