Video Book Trailer for America’s Favorite Couple

Video book trailers have gone in and out of vogue as a way to get the word out about books. Right now, trailers are trending again, as Facebook competes with YouTube to get eyes on video. Video ads are (theoretically) delivering a lot more cheaply than static image ads. Time will tell.

Either way, there’s no denying that video is a great way to capture people on mobile devices who might not be interested in buying a book right this minute, and it definitely sticks in people’s heads better than all but the catchiest of tag lines.

So we’ve gotten one for America’s Favorite Couple.

If this trailer does well, we’ll do one for Della’s Diary – and the next new release here at Bright Little Light Press.

(Will it be romance? Will it be urban fantasy? We’ll just have to wait and see which one is ready first. Renee, Evva, this challenge is on you!)

Anyway, thoughts, folks?

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