Episode 16 – Gatekeeping and the mental aspects of publishing

Beyond Writing
Episode 16 - Gatekeeping and the mental aspects of publishing

In Episode 16 of Beyond Writing, host Dachary Carey and guest host Kay Rhodes discuss the gatekeeping that is (or isn’t) involved in publishing, and the mental aspects that aspiring authors should be aware of whether they’re seeking a career via traditional or self-publishing. We’ll look at things like:

  • What is the gatekeeping process that traditionally published books must go through? And how does that affect author mindset when launch arrives?
  • How does the lack of gatekeeping affect self-published authors?
    • Pricing and revenue potential
    • Producing books
    • How do you know when your book is “good enough?”

We’ll also discuss how sales data and reviews can affect an author’s mental state, and some things to think about when you start getting your first negative reviews.

Caution: we get a little salty in this week’s podcast. We don’t use the big, bad no-no word starting with F, but we do pepper in a few of the smaller baddies – so if you’re listening with children around, you may prefer to do it with headphones.

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