Episode 11 – Publishing formats, rights and royalties – and book deals.

In Episode 11 of Beyond Writing, host Dachary Carey dives deep into the business side of publishing, and talks about publishing formats, rights and royalties, and book deals.

We’ll look at:

  • Hardcover
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • Trade Paperback
  • Ebook
  • Audiobook and other rights

And talk about royalties for these formats, rights when you’re going with a traditional publisher, and things to think about if you’re considering a book deal.

If the business side of publishing isn’t interesting to you, you might want to skip this one. We get a little into the weeds.

Note: I mentioned that the average time between publishing a book in hardcover and publishing in paperback is generally two to three months. That’s actually pretty short for most traditional publishers. It averages around 11 months, and some traditional publishers wait 2 to 3 years – or never release a paperback at all.

This has been changing lately, so some publishers release paperbacks on a shorter timeframe – or skip hardcover entirely. It’s tough to generalize.

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