Episode 12 – Common Misconceptions and Myths about Publishing and Self-Publishing

In Episode 12 of Beyond Writing, host Dachary Carey and guest host Kay Rhodes explore some common misconceptions and misinformation about publishing and self-publishing, including:

  • Quantity and Quality are inversely related
  • Literary fiction is inherently ‘better’ than genre or commercial fiction
  • Self-publishers can only become bestsellers by giving away their work
  • The future of publishing (or self-publishing) is doomed to many derivative works
  • Authors can’t get agents or publishing deals unless they can sell in the six-figures
  • Authors shouldn’t complain about movie adaptations
  • Agents have nothing to offer if authors already have a deal on the table from Hollywood
  • Self-published authors can’t get agents
  • Self-published work is poor quality, unoriginal, writing to a formula or otherwise inferior to traditionally published works

These conversations are based on comments that people have left on an article in The Guardian about ‘self-published authors being snapped up by Hollywood.’

The comments we’ve chosen to discuss in this episode are reasonably representative of some common misconceptions and misinformation around the publishing industry, so we wanted to clear these questions up for people who were interested in self-publishing or traditional publishing their work.

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