Episode 20: How (and why) to stack promos to maximize ROI on your marketing spend

In Episode 20 of Beyond Writing, host Dachary Carey talks about what it means to stack book promotions to increase your book marketing reach, why it’s helpful, and gives you some practical advice about where and how to do it.

The promo sites mentioned in the podcast include:

We’ll also talk about whether or not blog tours are a good use of your marketing dollars.

And finally, we’ll talk about other factors that determine how successful your promotions will be, including:

  • The price of your promo deal
  • Number of reviews
  • Relevance of genre/site
  • Book description
  • Promo copy
  • Book cover

With the right combination of stack promos, you can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your book marketing campaigns, increase organic discovery and boost ROI.

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