Episode 21: Why, how and when to outsource non-writing tasks

Beyond Writing
Episode 21: Why, how and when to outsource non-writing tasks

In Episode 21 of the Beyond Writing podcast, host Dachary Carey and guest host Kay Rhodes talk about why, when and how authors should outsource non-writing tasks. We’ll cover the benefits of outsourcing, talk about some of the reasons people choose not to outsource, and discuss some of the common tasks writers can and possibly should outsource.

The things we’ll talk about include:


  • Website design
  • Mailing list setup/administration
  • Copyright registration on books
  • eBook/paper book distribution
  • Accounting and legal needs

Turning a manuscript into a book

  • Editing
  • Creating covers
  • Creating ad images
  • Book formatting and layout


  • Social media management
  • Responding to emails
  • Setting up signings/appearances

Producing an audio book

  • Hiring a narrator
  • Reviewing the audio and offering direction or feedback
  • Packaging it up electronically for distribution
  • Getting an audiobook cover made
  • Uploading to various distributors


  • Creating marketing assets
  • Writing marketing copy for ads, product pages
  • Knowing how/when/where to market
  • Hiring a PR firm

After we discuss these common tasks, and which ones you should consider outsourcing, we’ll give you info on how to actually go about doing the outsourcing. This includes info about defining objectives and budget, finding a provider, communicating needs, paying a provider and dealing with performance issues.

A few of the services we reference in this podcast include:

  • Vellum – book formatting software
  • Damonza – book cover designer
  • Canva – graphic design software

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