Episode 8 – How do I reach my audience?

Beyond Writing
Episode 8 - How do I reach my audience?

In Episode 8 of Beyond Writing, host Dachary Carey talks about some of the ways you can reach your audience.

We’ve broken this down into a few pieces:

  • Explore the channels they consume
  • Think about the message they’re going to want to consume

We’ll talk about some general channels, including some ideas for pitching into those channels. Also, how to identify channels that are specific to your genre or content.

When we get to messaging, we’ll talk about how the message must be targeted specifically to the channel and demographic, and go into details about how to do that.

We’ve also mentioned a source for more information for self-publishers who want to advertise into specific channels, so here’s the link: Mark Dawson’s Self-Publishing Formula

Don’t let the name put you off – he does a podcast, occasionally does online courses, and he has some videos that contain a lot of good info for self-publishing authors.

Note: At one point in the podcast, I mention: “There’s an author I know, Mark Dawson.” There should be an “of” in there – that should be “an author I know of, Mark Dawson.” Don’t mean to imply that I know Mark Dawson personally – I know him by reputation as an author who has done pretty well for himself self-publishing through Amazon. If you’re curious, here’s a Forbes article about how Amazon paid him $450,000 from a couple of years ago.

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